C.G. Jung was born and raised in Switzerland in the latter quarter of the 19th century.  His work as a psychiatrist including his study of dreams, mythology and human consciousness has greatly influenced the psychological lives
of many generations of individuals and groups.

Jungian Analysis encourages us to be in the Light, as well as in the Darkness, of how we live as human beings. It stays away from fault and blame but rather looks to archetypal patterns we constantly live out, in our personal lives and in the Collective with others. Jung’s most important ideas were regarding Individuation and the relationship of the Ego to the Unconscious. Because of the former we grow emotionally and psychologically. We all have this calling.
Answering it is what brings us onto a path of healing and feeling alive.

A belief in Psyche, and the relevance of it to how we are our best human, as well as divine selves, underpins Jungian analysis. A desire to access what Jung has called the Self, allows us to deepen and strengthen our psychological being.

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