Photo by Stefanie Dworkin

My work is in helping others in the development of a valued, meaningful life. This life is one that is lived with integrity, centeredness and joy. There is no escaping that we will suffer different kinds of pain in life, and so our goal is not avoiding this human aspect of life. The most significant aspect of our lives could be learning how to truly feel our suffering. This is the same as being willing to feel our joy. True living is the ability to sustain the reality of who we are, with who we desire to become. In our work together, we commit to change, and in this way, create
and nurture your meaningful life.

My experiences over several decades includes studies and employment as a Jungian analyst, Writer, Rehabilitation Counselor and most recently an Interfaith Minister. The early times of my life, allowed me the privilege of being of Service. This continues, as I offer support to those wishing to meet the everyday challenges of creating a life worth living.