The purpose of the Women Sacred Circle is supporting us in becoming more knowing, accepting and happier within ourselves. As a part of this process, we work at deepening our spirit’s aliveness and engagement with others. Sacred Circles bring us together in support of our own Individuation. Our collective group acknowledges
that we are a part of one another, and also seek good relations with others.

Through Dreamwork, Creativity, Active Imagination and Group Process, we increase emotional comfort, Self-centeredness and enrichment within. Anxiety, fear, phobias, loneliness are explored for a deepening of self-knowledge. The hope is that while we grow into having a more positive self-image, and connection with others, through this group work, we can appreciate our own inner strengths.

Sacred Circles are held with a maximum of ten individuals per group. Circles meet 1-2 times per month for a committed period of one year.